Carbon emissions for the newest and most common corporate laptops (Fall 2021 edition)

Time for a follow-up to the last summary I made in October 2020 about carbon emissions for common computers used in organizations.

This is a selection of some models that were released this year, and at the same time being the most common laptops at customers.

Microsoft Surface in the lead

It is no secret that Microsoft are doing a fantastic work with sustainability and from an environmental point of view they are without doubt best in class. This is proven once again with the new and popular Surface Laptop 4.

Call for action

If your organization haven’t yet thought about it – you have a great potential to lower the organizational impact on the environment by making smart choices.

As a reference to the above numbers, 152kg CO2 is the equivalent of a flight between Stockholm to Paris and 387kg CO2 is the equivalent of a flight Paris to Seattle.

Sources: The hardware vendors publish documents of their CO2 footprint for each model, see this post for all links, CO2 footprint for corporate devices – all links you need! he carbon emissions for the example flights are obtained after calculation by the ICAO Carbon Emissions Calculator.

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