I do not believe the solution to solve our climate and environmental challenges is to stop or ban things – let us start to shift, evolve and choose more climate smart alternatives and impact the development in the right direction instead.

The why

Two things worry me; The first is the high and raising CO2 emissions causing rapid climate change and the second thing is that we are draining Earth’s natural resources.

Political decisions are lagging, and effects are far from effective. Therefore, if enough people can be influenced and inspired by other means, we can make a change together.

We need to make sure that we, here and now, start to change and evolve in a way that we as human beings for generations to come have a sustainable future.

The how

Every business owner but of course every individual have a responsibility to help make a sustainable world. This means that we must minimize emissions and certify that our natural resources last, and that we have keep a healthy ecosystem with nature and animals.

Choosing more climate smart choices is something close to my heart and has been in my focus for the last years, after seeing how polluted the world is through traveling across the world. Something that is very close to my heart and a passion as well is my work, which is around the IT workplace and deploying and managing devices such as computers and mobile phones.

Over the years, doing more than just making the IT workplace work as good as possible is an urge that has grown stronger. At the same time, I love to travel!

So, to be able to achieve my mission of improving the climate and the globe, what I can and should to is to combine all my passions and what I do best into one; climate smart actions, traveling and IT.

The what

Now that you have come so far, let us become practical! In IT there are lots of things you can do to help your business became more sustainable. The days when double-sided printing was a great environmental thing to do is over, now we can make a change for real!

Choosing more climate smart options for our end users when it comes to computers or mobile phones, or for instance choosing the right data center can significantly reduce the climate impact that is correlated to everything we do in IT.

Did I mention I love to travel? Let us start a journey together that will last and have an impact forever!

– Andreas Stenhall